Biblioteczka - frequently asked questions

We want the number of the books delivered every month to your company to be optimal in relation to the number of the employees. Books are "consumed" differently to movies or music – they require more time and each one of us has a different reading speed (which can differ from one book to another). If we want (and we do!) the books to circulate among employees, act as a conversation starter or an excuse to chat to colleagues, there cannot be too many of them. Especially since every month you will receive new titles!

That is why we recommend a specific number of books, based on our experience, the number of the people on your team and the structure of your company.

If it happens that the books are being „devoured” at a fast pace – we can always increase the subscription. Hence, we advise against buying a larger subscription „just in case” as we do not want to bury the whole fun under a pile of paper ;)

Selecting good titles is our priority. We compose subscriptions to ensure that everyone can find something of interest. As such,the thematic scope is limitless: you can expect novelties as well as older titles, detective novels, thrillers, fantasy, sci-fi and literary classics. You can also expect reportage, biographies, history and popular science books and even guidebooks! With the goals of Biblio in mind, it is essential for us to choose books that are affecting the reader literary – with language, plot or storytelling.

Of course you can, however this will not fall under our standard subscription anymore. By using Biblioteczka bespoke you can customise the thematic scope of your subscription or even ask for specific titles that are of your interest – including professional literature, literature of particular branch or industry, handbooks, etc. When using this special subscription you can make sure that the books are exactly what you want to offer to your employees.

Biblioteczka bespoke is a fully individualized service, hence why the terms and conditions and price are always determined individually.

In the case of demand for a specific topic or theme, as well as for books in a language other than Polish - it is also possible to create a mixed subscription, in which some books will come from standard packages, while some will be books selected individually, to specific order.

Of course it can, by the means of Biblioteczka bespoke. Because this is also a matter of non-standard, individual order, we need to calculate the price individually. It is no secret that books in languages different than Polish are simply more expensive.

As with the specific thematic scope, there is a possibility to create a mixed subscirption in which a part of the books are from a standard subscription while the others are chosen individually.

The books we deliver are the property of your company. They are circulated among the employees and act as an excuse for conversation, integration or development so we do not want to take them away from you! :) We prefer that they are being read – without the pressure of a deadline to which they have to be returned, without library cards or penalties ;)

However – if you accumulate too many books for you to store– we can gladly help you pass them on, for example to a charity.

First of all – selecting and providing the books for your company, analyzing the structure and properly sizing the subscription. Delivering the books monthly to your reception(or to a designated person). Along with the subscription we deliver not only the Biblioteczka Table or short descriptions of the delivered books but also occasional gifts. We also analyze the interest your employees have taken to each title and the pace at which your employees prefer reading – through an invitation to complete a periodic survey, and in the future – through a dedicated app which will be accessible to all the clients free of charge.

We also provide an ongoing support and make our materials available to your employees (whether these are introductory materials or book descriptions as well as updates and reminders in the upcoming months and years). In case of any questions or doubts - we are at your disposal!

Biblioteczka is a strictly paper book project. It is the tangible object used as an excuse to connect with others. What usually is a „burden” of the paper book - the need to personally hand it over, carry it or collect it – becomes an excuse to contact one another.

Besides – the book as an object, with its binding, cover, artwork, texture (and, as booklovers point out – smell) of the paper – stimulates on a greater level, affecting more senses, inspiring in more dimensions. It is also one thing less that we can do in fornt of a screen of any sort.